Freelance Writing with Brian



I aim to be the best health writer you’ve ever worked with. Hands down.



Why me?

  • – I’ve written dozens of science-driven articles for Thrive GlobalPaleo, Observer and other clients.
  • – I wrote a piece on meditation that received over 123,000 views and 8,300 shares. (I’ve also been published in a scientific journal on mindfulness meditation).
  • – I’m a certified health coach and obsessive researcher of the latest science on healthy aging, nutrition, sleep, stress, the gut, the brain, meditation and more.

I’ll write clear and engaging health-related articles for your audience. In other words, I’ll turn complex science into simple, lucid prose.



Perhaps you’ve had bad luck with other writers. It’s hard to find people that take their craft seriously.  



So take luck out of the equation and come work with someone who does. Click the button below to get in touch.  






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