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A 24-hour fast enhanced intestinal stem cell function in mice. This is promising for anyone with a damaged gut.

Worm and fly lifespan shot up when scientists triggered genes that enhance autophagy, or cellular cleanup. It worked in human cells too.


Nutrient of the Week


Found in cruciferous vegetables (highest in broccoli sprouts), sulforaphane has a bunch of anti-aging, anti-inflammatory effects. It’s the most potent dietary enhancer of the Nrf2 pathway, which controls our internal antioxidant response. Sulforaphane also activates the FOX03 gene, implicated in longevity. I sprout broccoli sprouts, freeze them, and put them in my smoothie.


Anti-Aging Articles I Liked

Hair loss isn’t merely controlled by your genes. Vitamins, minerals, peptides (egg yolks), chemicals, heavy metals, and scalp hygiene all play a role in retaining that lustrous lion’s mane. It also turns out that spraying your hair with an extract from a (very) common beverage can help with both hair loss and dandruff.

Aging is linked to the size of the nucleolus, a tiny structure at the center of your cells. Shrinking the nucleoli, which can be accomplished via exercise or calorie restriction, may lead to longer lifespan.


Healthy Aging Habit

Learn new physical skills

It keeps the brain young. Research has shown that learning a dance routine, for example, significantly slowed cognitive decline in the elderly.


Quote to Chew On

“The aging of a human being, or any living organism, is actually really similar, really very similar, to the aging of an inanimate object like a car or an airplane. It’s simply the accumulation of damage as a side effect of the machine’s normal operation.”

-Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer of SENS Research Foundation, outspoken anti-aging crusader

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