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Reducing the expression of a gene called escargot was found to promote longevity in flies.

Eating within a 6 hour window improved insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, and oxidative stress in a controlled trial of prediabetic men. More motivation to cut out the late night snacks.

A new form of CoQ10 appeared to reverse aging in blood vessels.


Nutrient of the Week – Anthocyanins

These purple pigments have been shown to lower neural inflammation, kill cancer cells, and improve blood sugar. To get these powerful molecules into your diet, try berries, red cabbage, or purple potatoes.


Anti-Aging Article I Liked

When it comes to muscles size, bigger isn’t better. Large muscles create more oxidative stress than small fast muscles. Small fast muscles also tone the nervous system. To train these speed muscles, Ben Greenfield recommends plyometrics (like frog jumps or clap push ups) or overspeed workouts (fast cycling or downhill runs).


Healthy Aging Habit – Eat until 80% full

Okinawans, some of the longest lived people on the planet, do it. Need I say more? Okay, also: stuffing yourself places a heavy burden on your liver. This is especially problematic if you have genetic mutations (or SNPs) on the PEMT or MTHFR genes – both important for methylation, cell membrane health, and liver function.


Quote to Chew On

“Contrary to what many scientists and doctors believe, our genetic destiny isn’t fixed. It can be edited, rewritten, changed. We just need to know how”

-Dr. Ben Lynch in Dirty Genes


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